Sunday, August 23, 2015

How to Create a Meditation Space

If "God is in the details," as the saying goes, the places where you live and work are the ideal places to stay connected with your meditation practice and make your spirituality part of your everyday life. Those details can go a long way toward helping you feel more centered, grounded and happy.

Where should you locate your sacred space?

In the last articles, I introduced you about meditation position and styles, now You don't necessarily need a whole room. You can set the stage for meditation or an introspective state of mind almost anywhere, including:

A desk or small table — A single object, arrangement or mini-altar can be enough to help you tune out the world's chatter and get into the ritual of meditation.

Meditation in room
A corner of a room — You'd be surprised how a small space can be transformed by a bamboo screen or shoji screen and a mat or meditation chair.

In a secluded area —  Set up a spare room or a corner of your bedroom that's reserved especially for meditation and stock it with a few meditation supplies.

In the garden — Indoors or out, sometimes nature's voice is just what you need.

What kinds of items should you include in your sacred space?

This is your personal space. Knock down walls if you need to. What speaks to you, inspires you, moves you?

  • Mementos: personal items that are meaningful to you
  • Talismans: symbols of peace and safety
  • Visual Art: your own, your friends', post cards of famous works
  • Photographs of loved ones and special places
  • Statuary: traditional symbols of divine and protective energies
  • Stones and shells that hold memories from special places
  • Candles and incense
  • Color, light, texture, fabrics, carpets, mirrors, fountains, chimes
  • Plants, flowers and other living things
  • Musical instruments and favorite calming music or ambient music CDs
  • Personal divination tools such as the I Ching, Tarot, or Runes
  • Sacred texts or words of wisdom from any faith


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