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Tai chi Lesson 7 Lu is about keeping your center of mass downward, and turning from your waist.

The Tai chi 's lesson 7: Lu is about keeping your center of mass downward, and turning from your waist. Let 's watch the video first to know more and improve our health for future.

Lǚ is an energy of deflecting and neutralizing. Incoming force is deflected or diverted to the side or downward and in the process, you draw off and dissipate the incoming energy. This is also known as leading the force to emptiness or void in order to neutralize it.

INTRODUCTIONSo you know the old riddle; what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?
Well in Tai Chi Chuan theory, the immovable object appears to be yielding and giving way.
But what is really happening is that it is simply redirecting the energy into a harmless direction.
This redirecting energy is another is another Kinetic Concept known as Lǚ, which is often translated as yield or roll back.
One more time I am going to show you the movement in its entirety and then we are going to break it down piece by piece, improve our health for future.


Neutral position
Start with the feet together, hands relax by your sides. The knees are slightly soft, the hips are a little soft. The head is floating up towards the sky like a balloon filled with helium.
All the weight shifts over to your right foot. Your left foot steps upward and then steps out to the side about shoulder width. And then center the weight evenly over both feet.
After the hands rise up to about shoulder height, the knees soften and everything floats down, getting heavier. Hands press down towards about hip height.

One: Turn and Deflect
Shift your weight to the right foot and rotate towards the left about 60 degrees. All of my weight here is on the right foot, about 90% there and only about 10% on the left heel.

Two: Deflect in Empty Step
Now my weight begins to shift forward onto the left foot, the right foot gets empty and steps all the way into this Empty Step here.
Now my weight is 90% on the left foot and only about 10% tapping down with the right toes.

Three: Step Out
The right leg steps out just to the side of that front brown circle in front of your mat.
Landing heel first, remember. You land sort of empty, so most of your weight is in the back foot
As you settle down the weight distributes about 60% in your back foot and 40% over your front foot.
The toes in the front foot turn inward about 30 degrees.

Four: Draw an Arc and Catch
So here I shift my weight forward onto that front foot, now my weight is 60% on that front leg and the left foot stays about 40%, still in the same place as it was before.

Five: Sit Back and Deflect
You are going to reverse direction, sit back into the left hip. The weight going to about 60% on the back foot, 40% on the front foot. Keeping the front leg slightly bend and the toes turned in.

Back to Neutral
I shift my weight all the way back so I can step side by side. The hands float down, I shift my weight back to the right foot and step the feet together. Head floating up, spine getting longer, finishing Lu.

This time through we are going to take a look at what the hands and arms, basically the upper body is doing.

One: Turn and Deflect
So as I rotate towards the left, my hands are just trailing, deflecting outwards, palms down, fingertips pointed towards the front.

Two: Deflect in an Empty Step
The hands are going to stay at pretty much the same position, palms down, fingers pointed towards the front. And the elbows stay slightly bend, you know, not locked out.

Three: Step Out
My waist is going to start the action here, turning slightly to the left, my hands trail with the motion. Now again make sure your torso stays upright, your head floating up towards the ceiling like a balloon filled with helium.

Four: Draw an Arc and Catch
My waist shifts forward and my hands draw an arc in the air, moving forward. My right hand about nose height, my left hand down at shoulder height. Palms forward, fingers pointed up.
I turn my waist slightly to the right to finish of this movement.

Five: Sit Back and Deflect
So I am going to reverse direction, sitting back down into my left hip.
Sink and turn the waist to the left, both hands deflect and neutralize downward. The left hand at hip level, the right hand right in front of the body. Palms down, fingers pointing forward.

Back to Neutral
And then finish up, go back to neutral. Step back, let the hands float up to about shoulder height and then float down, easy breath.
Shift the weight back to the right foot and finish.

Now is the time for practice, to improve our health for future with tai chi, yoga, meditation. You should try to play tai chi 's music in the same time to stimulate our emoticon.


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