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Tai chi Lesson 5 The rounded arms and back - circles within circles

The Taichi 's lesson 4 to have a healthy life tomorrow

In Taijiquan theory, Péng and Àn (Pushing Energy, Kinetic Concept #4) are two mutually interactive forces. The outward expansion of Péng can be used to neutralize and dissipate the incoming push of Àn.


Well congratulations, you are well on your way on learning your Tai Chi Chuan Essentials.

But now it is time to go to the next step, because you will have to learn the practical application that goes along with each form that you are learning.

It is really when you learn the practical part that it becomes a Martial Art.

Now we are very fortunate, because to help you learn the practical applications we have master Wang Zhanhai, who is a multiple time national champion in Push Hands here in China and a 12th generation lineage holder of Chen Tai Chi from Chen Village.

Master Wang, nǐ hǎo, nǐ hǎo (Greeting in Chinese). Are you ready? Let's get started.

Péng energy can be used to dissipate an incoming force. Now the first stage to that is to learn to feel the incoming force against the outside edge of your arm and the second phase to that is to use the expanding energy to dissipate that force.

Now to help you practice this, your partner should just be applying a general push forward, later on we will learn this is the energy Àn, which means Pushing Energy.

But for today just generally push. Master Wang is going to apply the Péng Energy, so keep your eye on him.

Taiji Zen Salute!

Both sides step forward with the left foot.

Notice his feet are not on a straight line, but rather the stance opens at a 30 degree angle. This creates more stability in the position.

Now let's try practicing Péng. Rotate, sink, gather, then expand forward when your partner pushes lightly into your left forearm.

Observe how Master Wang's head and spine are upright. Posture is aligned and strong, suspending the body from the crown of the head.

Hands are placed on the elbow and wrist area. This is where your partner will feed you An (pushing) energy.

Now observe how Master Wang's rounding structure allows him to easily absorb and channel the force into the ground.

It's as if an imaginary beach ball is continuously expanding, helping to provide a bouncy but firm buffer in front of him.

He is using his Péng energy to expand in all directions, absorbing and dissipating the incoming An energy.

Now let's look back at the foot detail.

Notice Master Wang's foot turned in at a 30 degree angle. This creates the proper angle to absorb and neutralize the incoming force.

You can experiment what would happen if the foot was pointed forward, instead of turned in at a 30 degree angle.

You probably notice that your structural ability diminishes a lot and you know have to rely on brute force which is not Tai Chi Chuan.

Try this at home and feel it for yourself, don't forget to play the Taichi music together to have more emotion to do taichi and have a healthy life tomorrow.


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