Thursday, September 3, 2015

Meditation - Counting Meditation - Simple Breathing Meditation - Day 2

Now we begin with meditation day 2 in 30 days: Counting Meditation - Simple Breath Meditation - How to have a health for future

Counting the breath is a create way to calm down your breathing and at the same time stay focus during meditation. We will count to 5 while inhaling and 8 while exhaling to allow your parasympathetic nervous system to become active so that you can relax and reduce stress and anxiety. You can do this meditation exercise any time of the day whenever you need a break or feel anxious or stressed out. This video will guide you through this breathing meditation and count for you, so that yo can focus on the breath and on relaxing. This is a great anxiety technique and can reduce fear and anxiety in minutes.
If you feel dizzy stop the exercise or try making the inhalations and exhalations shorter.

Let's begin to have a healthy lifestyle


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