Thursday, September 3, 2015

Meditation - Gratitude Meditation - Influence the Law of Attraction - Day 5

Day 5 in 30 days of Meditation to improve our future health: Gratitude Meditation - Influence the Law of Attraction

Gratitude is so powerful, as it puts us in a state of joy and happiness and we thereby raise our vibrational frequency as we become more positive and send out love to the universe, which affect the Law of Attraction. So say thanks for all that you have and attract more greatness into your life with the power of law of attraction, now that your vibrational frequency is higher.

This meditation exercise will allow you to reflect on all the things you have in your life so that you can feel grateful for the state you are in right now. We need to appreciate where we are in order to go where we want to go. So do this gratitude meditation for the law of attraction and attract happiness, success and love into your life.


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