Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tai Chi - Lesson 9 - Use adhering energy to deflect your opponent downward and to the side.

Today, we will learn Tai Chi lesson 9 to have a future health: "Use adhering energy to deflect your opponent downward and to the side."

In Taijiquan theory, Lǚ and Jǐ (Pressing Energy, Kinetic Concept #3) are two mutually interactive forces. The down and backwards deflection of Lǚ can be used to neutralize the forward pressing energy of Jǐ.

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Lǚ is an energy of deflecting and neutralizing, a very powerful and a versatile concept in Martial Arts in general and in Tai Chi Chuan in particular.

Now Lǚ and Jǐ, or piercing (pressing) energy, are mutually interactive forces. So in your practice, your partner is going to feeding you Jǐ energy. Master Wang is going to be demonstrating Lǚ.

He steps out with the right leg to the outside of his partner. The stance is opened at 30 degrees relative to the partner forming a very wide 'V'. This helps create stability and move for maneuver in this position.

The left hand is on the partner's left wrist, and the right palm controls the partners elbow. The hands are gentle but firm, not grasping but still controlling.

As the partner presses forward, Master Wang uses Lu. He deflects and neutralizes the incoming force by shifting his weight back.

His arms absorb and redirect the partner's Jǐ energy, leading it into emptiness.

Notice how Master Wang is not pulling his partner's arm but rather yielding and redirecting only as he feels the incoming force.

Using Lǚ, the point of force should be in the palms. That means that the arms are relaxed, but heavy

Now take care not to use arm strength to pull your partner downwards, have a future health


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