Friday, September 18, 2015

Video introduce Reflexology

As we know the definition about reflexology, now watch this video to know more about it. This is a simple insight into Refexology discussing what it is, how it works and how the foot is mapped out. This tutorial also covers the basics of what to look for, therapist and client positioning and some of the common movements used within this treatment. It may be helpful for therapists who are training or clients who are interested in knowing, have health for future

more about the treatment they receive. There are many different methods used and this is only one of them.

What Does Reflexology Do?

The Ingham Method® of Reflexology is used primarily for relaxing tension. Doctors agree that over 75% of our health problems can be linked to nervous stress and tension. Reflexology improves nerve and blood supply, and helps nature to normalize.

What Special Equipment is Needed?

Only the hands are used, making it a safe, simple, yet effective method without the use of gadgets. Let your fingers do the walking.


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